Arrested for Drunk Driving in Massachusetts? What should you do now?

Do not panic.

After your arrest you can expect to be in court for an arraignment on the first business day after your arrest. If you are arrested over the weekend this will usually be on Monday. If you call us we can have an attorney with you at your arraignment to explain the process.

You technically do not need an attorney at this stage because if you do not have an attorney at your arraignment, the court will enter a plea of not guilty for you and assign you a date to come back to court for a pre-trial conference. It is at the pre-trial that an attorney may be able to dispose of your case.

After your arrest your license was likely subjected to an immediate suspension. Your license is suspended both in cases in which you refuse the tests and/or your failure in any sobriety test. The old drunk driving law gave people a 15 day temporary license, but that has been abolished by current laws. However, you still have 10 days to appeal the suspension of your license at the registry and an attorney may be able to make special civil motions in the court to restore your license. This is not an easy process given the cultural hysteria over drunk driving. However, an experienced lawyer may be able to convince the appropriate parties of the merits of your situation and get your license back quickly. Our attorney network will put solid relationships, experience and professional contacts on your side.

You are facing a criminal charge

Be smart and do not make any statements to the court or police about your innocence or guilt.

If your case involves an accident you may be subject to additional criminal charges and penalties. An attorney can dispatch an investigator to the scene and secure witness statements and police reports before evidence helpful to your case is lost or destroyed.


You can get your license back and protect your futrure ability to drive.

If you refused the breath test or field sobriety the refusal cannot be used against you.

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