The new Massachusetts .08 drunk driving law provides for lesser first time offender penalties and easier access to hardship licenses if handled properly by our lawyers.

The new OUI law (which includes alcohol and drugs) of June 30, 2003 now provides that if you are a "first time offender who takes the breathalyzer test and blows .08 or higher you are in a better position to protect your license privileges than if you refused the breathalyzer test.

If you take the test and are at or over .08 you will receive no more than a license suspension for 30 days upon conclusion via plea bargain of the criminal charge. And with the help from our experienced attorneys you may be able to receive your privileges even sooner.

Compare this to the situation you would be in if you refused the breathalyzer. In that situation you will automatically lose your license for 180 days for the first refusal offense, a minimum one year loss for a second refusal offense and an 18 month loss of license for a third refusal offense. Second offenders can also get a hardship license with the new law.

The new law also now offers under tight rules first time OUI offenders the ability to receive a hardship license immediately after their case is completed. Second offenders can also quickly get a hardship license with the help of our lawyers, versus the old law which made it impossible. A hardship license is valid from 7am-7pm and is to be used for work purposes only.

The lawyers at the Massachusetts Drunk Driving Law Center are experts in the area of the Massachusetts drunk driving laws and stand ready to assist you in negotiating the complexities of the new changes to the law. Our lawyers will ensure that you receive the best disposition in your court case and that you will receive your hardship license with the least amount of disruption to your life.

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